November Instameet: Exploring University of Washington

It’s been a while. Too long in fact. The past few weeks have gone by with a whirlwind of events, both good times and a few not so good.

Lets start at the beginning, with one of my more fun adventures. In early November the Instagramers Seattle group hosted another instameet (photo walk), this time exploring the wonderful University of Washington central campus located in the heart of the University District. It had been a gloomy week, but we lucked out on Saturday and the weather was absolutely glorious. A little chilly, but beautiful nonetheless for a late autumn Seattle day, with endless sunshine and no rain.

blue skiesBeautiful day in Seattle.

We met at the George Washington statue to begin the walk and I was definitely impressed by the turn out, about 30-35 fellow IGers/ photographers. It’s always such a pleasure meeting new people and connecting with others face to face after interacting with them on Instagram or meeting them at a previous event. I was able to meet quite a few people I had recently become familiar with online. It’s funny too, how in most cases during initial introductions we don’t realize we already know each other until we reveal our Instagram handles.

group meet upPart of the group deciding where to explore first.

Rosie came along too, as she often does and had a blast. Right of the bat, she was running around exploring the campus with us. Chasing squirrels, birds and posing for pictures.  I love how people are beginning to recognize her and how much she enjoys meeting everyone.

Rosie 1Rosie, ready to chase more birds & squirrels. 

She was a bit concerned however when we started doing the jumpstagram’s off of the fountain. I think she was worried that someone may get hurt, we all made it though. (You can see her watching very closely from the middle of the picture below to make sure we were all okay.)

jumpstagram  viewpoint 1The view while waiting to be a jumpstagram subject, it was like standing in front of IG paparazzi. (Full view below)

jumpstagram panoc

Everyone in the group stayed together for most of the walk, a nice change from the meetups before when we split up pretty quick.  It was really fun to go through the campus and shoot together, get to know everyone a bit more, share tips and advice (and also attempt more jumpstagrams.)  Below is my favorite jumpstagram I captured that day.  I think they look like a team of super heroes on their way to save the world!

jumpstagram 1

I truly enjoy and value getting to know and connecting others that share the same passion for photography and adventure. It was such a great day of exploration. I’m definitely looking forward to future events and meeting even more new friends!

Until next time (which I promise will be sooner this time around),
XO – Michaela

Here are a few more of my photo’s from the instawalk:

fall leaves

campus 1

rosie 2

jumpstagram 2

light post

path 1

path 2

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