Dream Come True.

“Follow your dreams, for as you dream you shall become.” – Author unknown

My chosen photography, “Testing the Waters”

This past weekend I fulfilled a childhood dream. To have one of my photographs featured in print at a public place. I am honored (and honestly still relishing) that one of my Instagram shots was chosen to be included the Summer Vibes//Be Mobile Exhibit, hosted by Igers Seattle & We Are Juxt.  The exhibit included mobile photographers from all around the state and the opening was truly a community gathering full of talented people. I am so thankful to have had the experience and am now even more inspired to try to put something together on my own.  Someday… but for now, I will enjoy the moment, the experience, and the new friendships I am so grateful to have made.

Neptune Coffee, the fabulous host for the show.

My photograph included with the others up on the wall.

What dreams have you fulfilled? What dreams have you quit pursuing?  I say follow your dreams, make them happen! Don’t let the little things get in the way.  One of my favorite songs by the Dave Matthews Band sums it up perfectly, here is an excerpt:

But rushing around seems what’s wrong with the world,
Don’t lose the dreams inside your head,
They’ll only be there til you’re dead,
Dream little darling dream.

– Dave Matthews Band, You’ll Never Know

Dream on, friends!
Until next time-
XO, Michaela Rose

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